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Re: MEANING: Intention

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Henry Taylor (taylorh)
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 21:46:31 -0700

> One of art's main function is as a vehicle of communication

Quite possibly. One of the things I like about art is the license we have to
play around with toys that can have profound impact for individuals... We
can dabble if we choose with the stuff of dreams...stick your finger into
someone's brain and stir it up see what happens.

However just a little experience teaches the lesson that a LOT of
responsibility is called for too. Just because you CAN communicate and have
the skill to do so well dosen't obligate you to always do so or to do so at
deep levels.

The tricky thing is to leave messages people can trip over and still ignore
if they need or choose to and as many times as they want to. Brute-force
enlightenment isn't a big thing in my life. I only THINK that I know what
the right answer is. In reality I don't tho my guesses CAN be good ones.

But, hey. It works for some teachers and some, heck maybe even a lot, of
students. Straight-line direct communication works,no argument... just
doesn't suit me. I'm a sucker for subtlety and obliquity... ambiguity. Love
that stuff!

Diversity of approach in teachers is a good thing. Better chance that
eventually we will meet the one teacher who rocks our boat and gets us
there.... whereever THERE is.