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Re: Displaying artwork

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Mon, 15 Feb 1999 17:26:12 EST

I have always gotten a lot of positive feedback about the art displays around
our school....and other spots, too. I have a system and sometimes I wonder if
I have made it way too complicated but no complaints so it must be worth my
time. I keep a clipboard with a class list of each of my classes (seating
chart is on this also). When a lesson is completed I pull out a
representative sample of the pieces looking for variety, understanding of
concepts, etc. I'll pull anywhere from 4 to 8 pieces. Those chosen pieces go
up for display with a catchy explanation of what the lesson was all about
(copy of this also goes on back of everyone's piece). Others go home. I put
a small dot by the child's name if I put up their work. When it's time to
take down the display I chose one to save for art show in March....the other's
go home. I put a circle around the dot by name to tell me they have something
for show. This keeps me from choosing the same child's work over and over.
All the while I'm reminding children and parents to save and protect all work
that goes home so that they may choose one or two things to bring to our show
(not a contest but a sharing time). So that way everyone is responsible for
the show and no one really knows what I have put in the show (to have quality
and variety plus sample of all we've done) or what someone has brought
in...but there's no way someone can blame me if there's nothing there their
child did. We also have special displays through out the year at the Post
Office, in a bank and other places ...this is also noted by their name.
Sometimes I'll go ahead and hang everyone's work up if it suits my purpose and
make a note of this on class list also. When a few of the pictures go up I
tell the children we take turns and by the end of the year just about everyone
has at least one dot by their name.