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RE: Displaying artwork

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 12:15:49 -0500

In my building there are over 860 kids. Each year we have an art show
whereby EVERONE BETTER have an art piece hanging. Last year we had at least
I think 2-3 for each was fabulous!! I try to instill in my
students that everyone's art is a personal journey. In every project I try
to get them to make it personal so that everyone's is not the same. When I
display the kids work I look at all the different child's approaches to the
project and ususally end up with quite a diverse mixture. Because I don't
have the space to hang up everyone's piece..I try to rotate the work from
each grade level each time on the boards and tehn rotate the artists
individual work the next time. For instance, if Sandy's piece goes up for
the first project..then the next project won't. This lets the kids know that
there are no set "artists" in the school. I especially make it a point to
put up work from a studetn that I know has worked extremely hard on that
project. I recently had one studetns ask me if he could put his piece in the
art show..not any other piece. He was extremely proud and that is what is
important. I try to give everyone a chance and not just fall back on the
"skilled artists" to publicize the art program. Through this approach I have
seen a dramatic change in my students attitudes towards art. They know that
Picasso wasn't made in one day..and he certainly took his time learning and
experimenting so they try their best and have fun..which is really the one
true reason I do my let these kids enjoy art. Give them a break from
these know the ones who wouldn't know fun if it bit them in
the good ol wazu! As a result I have children that enjoy their art time,
look forward to seeing me each week..not some mean ol art to see
their work as well as the work of their friends and I never hear..only the
good ones go on the bulletin board. There is such pressure to do just
that...but I won't cave in...and if one more uneducated person walks by me
as I put up a bulletin board and says "gee, aren't those pretty" I may have
to haul off and pull a nuttie!!!! As a result I put up a detailed
explanation of what we did, how we did it and ETC!!! That's all! Stephanie