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33 minutes, art displays, cart routines, etc...-long post

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Sun, 14 Feb 1999 22:18:44 EST

Hello all from North Carolina...I'm taking a break from the SNOW in NY.
Have to get in on this discussion. I'm having problems with 33 minute lessons
too. Some of you helped me with scheduling suggestions a few weeks ago. We
had our meeting last Tuesday. Our proposal will require that the District
hire another full time art teacher, 1 and a half health teachers and a half
time PE teacher. We submitted sample schedules, but I doubt we'll get it this
year. Half of the Army troops at Ft. Drum are expected to deploy to Bosnia in
August until April 2000, so we expect a decrease in enrollment (teacher cuts
are inevitable!). However, I'm hoping they'll at least think about our
proposal. They did give eight of us sub pay and request that we come up with
an idea afterall. Yes, I know it was cheaper to get us to deal with it than
have the administrators do the dirty work :)
If it goes through we will still have 33 minutes classes, but all students K-4
will get art and health two times per six day cycle.
To answer the question of how to teach...I rarely do a one class lesson. I
spend 5-10 minutes max getting them interested/doing DBAE with prints,
demonstrating, etc...the kids start something, then 5 minutes to clean up.
Resume lesson the next time with a quick review and then we're off. You can
imagine how seeing 3rd and 4th grade 28 times in a year gives them high
quality art! Thus our fight for more time. I too go overboard (I'm sure by
most people's standards!) with different media, prints, etc...for different
grade levels. I try to keep everyone K-2 painting or using markers or cray
pas or clay at the same time, but my 3/4s are always on a different schedule
due to lack of art time throughout the year. We are lucky to do 5-6 high
quality lessons a year with 3/4. I have always offered open art time from
9-9:30 in the morning if a students wants to do more on a project. Some come
a lot, some never do. Some teachers are supportive, some have students doing
corrections on homework and won't allow students to come to the art room.
When I did this on a cart - I had 3 carts per floor and boxes to grab if I
didn't require too much for a particular lesson. No storage other than my
carts on the second floor. Thank goodness I didn't have a major theft
problem. I only left basic stuff on the carts there on days I was out of the
building. Mostly because I was taking the "good stuff" to the other building
(still have to do that). I'm never without three to four bags traveling from
building to building.
We stored wet stuff and sculpture in the hallway up against the walls (a big
violation of fire codes), and for the most part it stayed there until the next
class. The class room teacher who took time out of his/her busy schedule to
have their kids put dry stuff back inside the room was rare.
But, I must say I was enthusiastically supported by almost everyone. The
principal and janitors included. Sure they swept dirt around our paintings,
but they NEVER threw them away.
I posted my information sheet about art on the cart on the listserv about a
month ago.
When I taught on the stage - the biggest problem was the lack of water. We
used kimwipes (a really thick napkin the janitors use) and a bucket of water
to clean up. I washed tempera brushes down the hall in the kindergarten
But, I didn't change my curriculum while on the cart or stage. I taught with
modifications but I still covered clay, linoleum, tempera painting, balsa foam
carving, printmaking, etc...
For displays, I hang everyone's stuff (great, good, bad, undone, etc...) in
the halls at school, along with written self assessments by each student. I
do this throughout the year and for parent conferences/open houses. I bought
those "hang up strips" this year. They are awesome. Save time and tape. I
just push the artwork into the strip. I attached them in August with the
double sided tape they come with and they are still attached, even on
For the art shows I try very hard to pick different children for winter
concert vs. spring concert. However, I do feel I should show quality stuff at
The really super stuff goes to the District K-12 Show at the local Mall and
the Tri County Show. I mat and make labels for all of the Show pieces. PR is
important as you all know.