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RE: communication blunder

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carla schiller (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 14:58:22 -0800 (PST)

Sounds like a nasty comment to me. I'd be upset, too, if someone had said
that to me. Try and focus on what a wonderful lesson you gave the kids -
that's why you're in teaching anyway, right? And if that's her general
attitude, your lesson was even more valuable to them since she probably
just lectures them all the time! Ignore her!

Hope this helps a little.

Carla Schiller, Esq.
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North Hollywood High School, CA
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On Sat, 13 Feb 1999, Stephanie Ignazio wrote:

> Hi to all, I thought I would let you all in on a mishap from last week. I
> was in the middle of my fourth grade class and we were working on a semi
> lesson of accentuating our recent craypa three dimensional drawings with a
> decorated bordered frame. We had been talking about complementary colors,
> opposite colors, shapes found in their work etc. The fourth grade teacher
> who ALWAYS stays in the room had left for the minutes that we had been
> having a great discussion about how we can emphasize colors found in the
> work by contuing the drawing outside onto the frame. You should have heard
> the kids as they got settled. Really making valuable observations about
> their friends choices in the frame, asking each others
> was fabulous. The teacher comes back and says to me.."getting them to do it
> themselves huh???" and gives me a wink. I said "pardon me? what do you
> mean?" " Getting them to mat their own work..that's smart..sure cuts down on
> what you've got to do." I looked at her and say "no.. we talked about
> emphasizing color, complements...>and I go on and on. She looks at me and
> says "SURE>>>RIGHT...Don't worry I won't tell anyone." EXCUSE ME???? I
> couldn't believe it. In a matter of moments she basically made me feel that
> I have little or no value. I was very happy when i left and her kids were
> maniacs..I didn't even take the minute I usually do to calm them down. It
> was one moment in my career that i was happy I didn't have an art room and
> could just leave! Stephanie