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RE: Great answer Henry!

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marianna delafield (mdelafield)
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 12:30:02 -0600

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From: Rosa Juliusdottir [SMTP:rojul]
Sent: Sunday, February 14, 1999 4:54 PM
To: Henry Taylor
Subject: Great answer Henry!

Henry. As always you manage to put things so right. I 100% agree with this
you say and hope that All or Most at least of us do.
Best regards from the far north, Rosa
Henry wrote:
>That experience has persuaded me that, more than any skill, more than any
>content, I want to help these kids to embrace art and make it--IN SOME
>WAY--their own. I want art to be something that they won't and that they
>can't give up. I want art to be,for them, something that they feel that they
>have access to and are empowered to participate in for the rest of their
>lives and every day.

>There are about a zillion thing that you could teach kids about art.
>worthwhile things. BUT, unless they are deeply nurtured as fertile for the
>earth the seeds will eventually fall on fallow ground and stony soil.

>Excitement about art, access to art, and empowerment as artist, is what I
>want to achieve... maybe some other stuff--details, knowledge, skill,
>understanding, along the way. But first, I want a foundation for them that
>won't be breached.
>Art-on-a-cart is a challenge more than it is an obstacle.

>You have to find a way to strip away innessential stuff that will be caught
>later in hopefully better circumstances.

>Someone excited about art and commited to it can't be stopped from learning
>everything important about it on their own. ..maybe?


[marianna delafield] I agree with both of you, and feel that your answer is so important. To add to this then: it is my feeling that we can best give this excitment about what we do to kids if we can let them know somehow that we care about them as people, individuals wanting to learn and enjoy the excitment of learning about the wonders of art. Then, when they realize that we are people who teach children (first and formost) about art. Then they can feel free to create in a safe atmosphere and know that their efforts will be respected and acwknowledged.