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Re: even if you have your own room, watch out! long post

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Buerkle, Jennifer (
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 11:21:37 -0500

oooooooohhhhhh....this is a GOOD one! My first thought is what the heck
did you do to piss off the janitor? But then I realized that's because I
have been bullied by school janitors for years and have lost my
perspecitve....and probably a lot of my energy, as well. This story is
just outrageous and I think you and your colleague are handling it
correctly, although I haven't heard mention of an attorney. Because I
think I'd have one. And, another "sissy" teacher question: are you on

I currently have a custodian who is a "gem" in some ways because she goes
way past what are her duties and it a major help in many ways, but she 1)
throws out everything she sweeps up, including pieces of $50 developing
tanks that you can't replace, and 2) has a habit of walking by a kid and
saying, "That's supposed to be a rabbit? That don't look like no rabbit to
me?" We're working on it.

Yes, indeed, you have good veins. I think mine would have blown. Hang in