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Re: Art on a cart frustrations

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Sat, 13 Feb 1999 11:33:16 EST

I know !! I know!! I know what you are experiencing!!!!! I work in an inner
city school (was art on a cart) and the budget is nothing, yet all these
teachers want you to make signs for their room, borrow art supplies, come late
in picking the kids up, are jealous if you use PAINT in one class and not
theirs--Believe me, I have seen it ALL!! ...and get this one, I've been
called RACIST by the black teachers because "I do all the GOOD art projects
with the WHITE teachers than the black ones!!!' (Like I got TIME to think
about crap like that!!!!) The Hispanic teachers HATE the art projects with
the African masks, and you guessed it--the black teachers resent that I teach
about Diego Rivera to ALL the children!!!! I'm just waiting for the anti-
Semitic comments when I start teaching about Chagall's work.
You've got to keep your projects very simple. If you are going to paint, use
only primary colors (give them two or three colors)or water colors (neater).
I try to connect too. If they are learning about the parts of plants in
science, I have them draw O'Keeffe style flowers--stuff like that!
Being an art teacher is like being a saleman. You've got to advertise ALL of
the time about your program to give it credibility, in a way. ("What do you
guys do, scribble all day?!?" I have been asked that too many times.) Hang
the artwork all over the school, including lunchroom, teacher's lounge, etc.
We work harder that most teachers do. That's a fact. We're like AVIS (rather
that HERTZ). That's o.k. It's the challenge of the job that I love the most.
The day I get bored or comfortable with the way things are is the day I hang
it all up!!
Good Luck! God Bless--
Jill (Bluestruth)