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Re: Thirty minutes to teach/ art on a cart

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Sat, 13 Feb 1999 07:13:09 EST

It is very difficult to teach thirty minutes---an even more when it is from an
art cart. What we have done is not limit the class to thirty minutes---you
NEED to carry over to the next class session. It is difficult to maintain,
but the children do learn that they don't always take home their art project
the day they begin it. It is important in this age of "instant gratification"
that children learn to maintain some interest over a longer period of time. I
always tell them that anything worth while always takes a little time and in
the end the reward is greater than something that is just quickly produced. I
try to get them to understand that the process is as important an the final
result. It is hard with the little guys, but even our Pre-k class have gotten
to understand that they are big boys and girls and when they come to the art
room they become, "artists". "Artists take their time and work carefully,
they listen to directions, and remember what they have learned." It is
important to review what the object of the lesson was, and often we do that
the second session of the lesson. We also have little critiques, having
children talk about their work (they LOVE to do that) we also try to find
"kind" things to say about their classmates work---"what color do you like
best that Jimmy used?----Who likes the sunset in this picture?"---simple
things like this help to carry the lesson further and instills pride in their
work. Good luck--
DeDe from NJ