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Sandra Poos (klpoos)
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 20:23:32 -0600

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I need to talk to someone that knows what I am going through, so of
course I turned to you guys.
Today was one of my hardest days with 7 classes. I had two third grades
first and we were studying Linear and Radial design, using letters. I
cut alot of construction paper. Then I had first grade and we were
painting the color wheel and mixing colors, so I had to have my paint
cart. I was pushing two carts down the hall, with no one to help and
going down to the 5th grade wing, where I taught 2 classes how to use
the dry brush technique. Alot of teachers went by me and said "its too
bad you don't have a room" They didn't offer to help push one of the
carts, just went on by. I am tired of other teachers thinking we are not
REAL teachers and I am tired of not having a room of my own to teach in.
Even the p.e. teacher has the gym. The music teacher uses the library so
I am the ONLY teacher without a room. I don't even have file cabinets or
a desk of my own. I feel like an outcast sometimes!! BUT, I have to
attend all those stupid meetings after school.
In the afternoon I had two classes, one a second grade, where we are
painting flowers, using the double loading technique. I was shaking up a
pint of paint and it slipped out of my hand onto the floor and got all
over the floor and some on me too!! The janitor cleaned it up for me.
What a day. Next I had fourth grade and had to switch carts and
supplies, as they were doing Op Art, using geometric shapes. Needless to
say it was a very trying day.
I only get 30 minutes for 1st and 2nd grades, which is really a JOKE!!
I can't get anything done is 30 minutes with them and I really have to
push them, which I hate to do. My other classes have 40 minutes, which
is a little better. I have contacted the curriculumn person about my 30
minutes in 1st and 2nd grades and I hope to have this changed for next
year. Do any of you guys teach art in 1st and 2nd grades for only 30
minutes??? How do you do it!!! We have art teachers in my district that
think 30 minutes is too much time, as they hand out coloring sheets. I
do alot of different activities with them and NEED at least 40 minutes
or more!!
Sandy Poos- Cahokia,Dist#187, Cahokia, Illinois
Art on a cart