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Nagel, Judy (JNagel)
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 08:07:39 -0600

FYI Speed screen supplies are listed on p.313 of the 1999 Sax
catalog. Judy

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Subject: speed screens

Hi all. A number of you have inquired about "speed screens" I mentioned
my response to the "pop art" question so I'm sending the info to the
list. Hope it helps you.

speed screens are really simple versions of regular screens
which are easy to use in an elementary situation. they are kind of
pricey to start with as you need to purchase the frames and foam
brayers, but then all you need after that is the film. i don't have my
catalogs here at home but dick blick and several other companies- sax, i
think- carry them under printmaking supplies.
the process: you xerox a design, then run the xerox copy with
screen film (a coated screen material) through a thermal copier. this
process transfers the image to the screen. then you tape the film onto a
plastic frame with double face tape and, voila! - you're ready to print.
there are some tricks as far as the double face taping. use a wide tape
on the frames and SAVE THE STRIPS you peel off so that you can put them
back on after removing the students' screens. then you can reuse them
several times without retaping. there is some 1/2" 3M doubleface tape on
the market which i used last time and it is SOOO sticky we couldn't get
the screen material off!! now i have a big job of doing it with a razor
blade or solvent or something. like i need another thing to do!!
just found a '98 nasco catolog and they have their own brand of
screen products. the frames come in several sizes and i would recommend
the largest as you can fit two 4x6 images on one screen and have the
kids pair up and help each other print their own side of the screen -
saves $$$ on screen film. the smaller sizes are too skimpy and not
hope this info is useful!
linda in michigan - 60 and raining but tomorrow?? back down to 20!!