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Re: rude kids/labels (my soapbox!)

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Ann Carolan (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 16:13:26 +0000

How terrible for you to have to go through such a thing. All I can say
is, as a counselor and mental health worker, I've been in situations
where I had to diffuse kids. Humor works best, non-threatening body
language is very important, staying below their vision, not above,.
several times I had to physically restrain students: once I just held
onto a kids arms and brought him down to the ground by sheer weight,
gently and carefully, He was smaller, of course than I. but this is very
effective. Another time I pulled two big HS kids apart. Don't know how I
did, just pulled and stood between him and the other kid. I am a large
person so that helps. Today two kids were threatening each other. The
entire 8th grade was surrounding them; it was hot and heavy. Kid #1
says" You ever say anything about my mother, and I'll kill you". I
looked over the other kids head and said "Oh YEAH YOU
The kids were so shocked that it diffused everything.

Humor, firm but non-violent action, and sheer instinct can help. I think
the worse thing is trying to one-up these kids. I tried that when I
moved into middle school and I go nowhere. I watched the other teachers
and found they might shout but they always followed with a smile or a
gentle nudge. It's a whole new world isn't it? The kind of discipline
our teachers demanded just doesn't work today.

I hope things go well for you in court.

ann c