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Re: Puppets Tons of ideas!

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Vanessa Mellom (mellom)
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 05:32:45 -0400

I absolutely love to do puppets!
There are so many different kinds of Puppets.

There is a great book on puppets and plays you can get from Davis
publications. great stuff and play scripts can be found in that book.

There are Shadow Puppets, incorporating the arts and crafts of
Indonesia, you can focus on silouettes and ornate patters cut into the
paper with exacto blades ( If they are taught how to use them elem. kids
can do it, but you have to be very strict about rules on how to use

You can do a one day lesson useing small white paper plates. You cut one
in half and fold the other. Stape each half on either side of the folded
one. You can attach rectangles of fabric to hide the arm. Aditional feet
and arms cut out of other paper plates can be attached to the fabric.
Decorate with markers.

You could do marrionettes with construction papers or bristol board.
Cutting out all the body parts and attaching them together with paper
fasteners, decorate with markers and feathers, and lots of other stuff.
This would take a couple of days, one to make the puppet and the other
to decorate.

For really good stick puppets. <a 3-4 day project- of 1 hour lessons>
DAY 1- motivate, with a brainstorm of "What do you think of when you
thinks about puppets?" Sketch out designs for possible puppetheads and
make base using a styrofam hen egg or 3" ball
Mount it on a stickby shoving it in more than half way thoguh, taking it
out filling the hole with glue and shoving it back in again.
Create the basic form of the egg or ball by pushing in, stabbing with
pencils and fingers, or add to it with wadded up newspaper, or three
dimentional forms made out of paper plate for things like ears or
noses, using masking tape to make it stay. Select fabric and cut for
costume ( A large rectangle that is sewn into a tube.)
Day 2 - Use paper clay to cover all stryofoam and newspapers
Sew fabric into a tube, and sew a loose running stich around the top of
the tube, pull string to gather around the top edge of the stick and hot
glue to the place where the head ends and the stick begins.
Day 3 - Paint head and Decorate costume
Day 4 - Preform some song or joke game to use the puppets, a good one
that I used was a song intermixed with knock knock jokes. You could
develop a character questionaire for assessment. But maybe you can get
their regular teacher to work on writing a play to use thier puppets
with? or use a play script... A good puppet stage could be as somple as
hanging a clothes line and hanging fabric over it. Sounds like fun eh?

I hope that I gave you enough ideas...
Happy making!

Vanessa Mellom <mellom>