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Re: Scoring Sheets

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Melissa Chaney (meemo)
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 20:53:46 -0600

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I teach 6th grade art at a 6th grade center. The students have come from one of
3 different elementaries where their art grade was given on a quarterly basis.
1-excellent, 2-satisfactory 3-needs improvement. Now the students have me.
For the first time every project and assignment is graded. I really struggle
with the students so that they actually turn work in for a grade. They don't
seem to understand that these are assignments.. I grade projects using
rubrics. Students know exactly why they got the particular grade. Yet the
studetents still tend to argue with me about their grade. I too have been known
to change their grade if the student has a good rationale as to why it schould
be changed. I also offer extra credit assignments, so there is no reason why a
student can not earn an "A" in my class. My problem is that some kids really
get upset if they receive a B or even an A- on a project. they know that they
can pull up the grade if they desire, with an extra credit assignment. (limit
5). I'm afraid that I may be scaring some kids off from art. I want them to
feel successful yet I don't want it to be an easy A class. I do give a great
deal of A's in my opinion but it seems that I have students in tears over a
project grade quite often. Well this is only 6th grade. A stepping stone into
middle school. Any advice??

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