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Markers on Pots

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Betty Bowen (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 10:02:09 -0600

I'd think an acrylic craft spray like Krylon would be fine on the water
markers, and not so thick as Modge Podge.

But it reminded me of a story-
My best friend from college, herself a potter and a Chickasaw, spent several
years as a dentist on the Tohono Od'ham reservation near Phoenix. One day
she came across one of her patients selling pots. They had an elaborate
black linear design on them. She bought one and after several days of
admiring it (and being proud of her ability to recognize good Native
American art when she saw it), she decided that's what we were all getting
for Christmas and went to find the woman again. This time there were a few
other people around, and after Mary had paid for her armload of pots, one
woman asked the artist to sign her piece, which she did, with a Sharpie
laundry pen. Suddenly the light went on, and Mary realized that all the
elaborate designs on the pots had been done with Sharpie Pen! It completely
changed how she "valued" the pieces, we had a good laugh over her wounded
"art collector" ego, and now we call them the "Sharpie Phase" of her
collecting career. (and we still got them for Christmas!)