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Re: meaning/size/lipstick

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Sun, 7 Feb 1999 08:48:58 EST

In a message dated 2/7/99 4:59:06 AM Eastern Standard Time,
marciameaton writes:

<< 4. Someone mentioned the fact that big buildings make statements about
privilege. Certainly they do. Just the fact that some things get built or
made and others don't carries a message, doesn't it? The point was also
made that going into a large or elaborate building makes one feel a sense
of power or even privilege perhaps. I agree---though it might also be
intimidating. What is it that makes some public spaces evoke a sense of
nobility or community and others evoke a sense of alienation or even anger?
Best, Marcia >>
In response to "What is it that makes some public spaces....?" It seems that
function and the need of the viewer enter the picture here. If I enter a
particularly large hospital, I get a feeling of being protected or cared for.
If I enter a large church I feel that God has been glorified by its members.
By the same token I feel an intimacy with God in a small sanctuary. If I enter
a large and imposing courthouse as a criminal I might feel endangered. If I
enter the same courthouse as a plaintiff I might feel that I will surely get
retribution here. An electric chair is a really large chair.