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Fw: pop art

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 21:41:37 -0500

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From: Stephanie Ignazio <smi>
To: martay <martay>
Date: Saturday, February 06, 1999 9:37 PM
Subject: Re: pop art

>I wish I had a scanner!!!! I don't even have a computer at school! The
>Disney paintings come out looking like regular characters..just in colors
>that are purple, pink, yellow, green, red and orange. They
>start by folding the paper into fourths, then use each corresponding square
>with a drawing of what they see in the miniature disney picture. The border
>can be painted in any color or colors they wish. I did take some pictures
>this week..if you want I can send you one via the good ol post office..send
>me your address if that's something you need. Picture Marilyn Monroe of
>Warhol's but Mickey mouse instead. Stephanie
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>From: L. Conrad <martay>
>To: Stephanie Ignazio <smi>
>Date: Saturday, February 06, 1999 4:36 PM
>Subject: Re: pop art
>> I can't visualize this pop lesson but I'm so interested. Can you scan a
>>picture? Also, I'm interested in what you did with Dali. Thanks for the
>>info. Lori
>>> From: Stephanie Ignazio <smi>
>>> To: artsed <>
>>> Subject: Re: pop art
>>> Date: Friday, February 05, 1999 10:41 PM
>>> Hi, I just did a project with my 6th graders on Andy Warhol. We
>>> his background, looked at his work, etc. Then I explained his philosophy
>>> what Pop Art stood for. We then took an icon from our day..the world of
>>> Disney aand created large 18 by 18 inch paintings of those characters.
>>> we made a border around the edge. To start drawing we isolated the
>>> characters (wrapping paper images glued to same color cardboard) with a
>>> cardboard L shape that covered everything else. It is somewhat similar
>>> grid but more basic. They looked at the negative space, the lines, the
>>> shapes, etc. When that was all done, we talked more about Warhol's use
>>> arbitrary color and they picked at least three---or more colors to paint
>>> with. They came out FANTASTIC. The kids were really proud and they are
>>> hanging up Warhol-style all grouped together like one big Marilyn Monroe
>>> display. The only problem you may have is finding the images to use. I
>>> about two hours total making these squares for them..but you could
>>> use another image, like Endangered animals and just uyse the arbitrary
>>> color along with the drawing lesson. Another ideas which I didn't do
>>> actually this year because we are starting Egypt would to have the kids
>>> an everyday commercial product and make it a piece of the
>>> boxes. The kids really loved Warhol, they thought he was wacked just
>>> Dali, who we had done before. Good Luck, stephanie