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Re: Ann drama & art

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menichino (menichino)
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 09:13:14 -0500

Hi Diane --
What a wonderful message you sent to Ann -- I hope all took the time to
read it!
Liz in rural NY

> From: Riverrat <mselle>
> To:
> Subject: Ann drama & art
> Date: Friday, February 05, 1999 6:37 PM
> Dear Ann, In a situation such as this you need to do some formal conflict
> resoulution with the drama teacher, and a non-partial mediator. You
> aim for a consenses, not compromise. By that I mean you should both end
> agreeing that art and drama are important experiences for the students.
> should find areas that you can work together on, your students might work
> on the set design, drama students might write a play about the life of a
> famous artist, such as Van Gogh. You have to change a win-lose situation
> into a win-win one. Because there has been an oversight regarding the
> importance of the visual arts over the years, you are at a disadvantage.
> You have to raise consciousness. Have students create some art for
> homes, etc. get press and publicize. Do not attempt to draw staff,
> to you side. Side taking creates tension, and people resent being drawn
> into situations where they have no expertise. That is why you need an
> arbitrator. Mention this to him in person or, or write a memo to him. To
> start things off you might have to apologize for blowing up, but at the
> same time be assertive. Say, for example, the other day I unfortunately
> blew up because I got so angry because my students lessons were
> interrupted. I plan these lessons sequentially, and it is important for
> students to be in attendence. We need to discuss this matter using
> resolution skills. (If he doesn't know what they are, tell him you're
> learning too and will share info with him).Say, I'd like a mediator to
> present so our meeting will be reasonable and productive. Remember that
> drama teachers know the art of drama. They can be effective persuaders.
> Keep things professional. If he goes off ranting, etc., always bring him
> back to the basic issue. Do not cloud it with other issues. Do not get
> personal. If you don't succeed this time, think of it as a learning
> experience. There is a Gandhi Peace Center in Kentucy. They will help you
> with learning the art of conflict resolution. Good Luck, Diane L.