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Re: Puppets

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LiteSal (LiteSal)
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 08:50:36 -0500

Dear Colleagues,

I'm sending this puppet idea that I sent to Faith, to all of you, in case
you are interested.

>Dear Faith,
>I make puppets with my fourth grade students out of papier mache. We
>develop a character on paper, concentrating on the head. Then we build the
>armature of the head using newsprint and tape, we attach this to a paper
>towel tube (I have my custodians save them). We then add one to two layers
>of papier mache (I use paper towels cut in squares, the brown thick ones we
>have at school, and Ross Art Paste). We make sure to add extra strength
>where things are attached, especially where the head meets the tube. Then
>we paint the head with tempera. We also add miscellaneous objects
>(feathers, beads, buttons, etc.) for details, I man the hot glue gun,
>although some things can be glued with Elmer's.
>We make the body out of construction paper, then decorate with the misc.
>objects as well as paper collage and markers, crayons etc. It's a bit hard
>to explain how we fold, cut and glue the paper to make a body, but in the
>end it looks like a shirt with long sleeves. It can be made into a body,
>clothing, legs and hands need to be added. 12 by 18 paper is folded in
>so that it's 9 by 12. A hole (big enough for the tube) is cut in the
>of the fold. At this point, it would look like a poncho and from here, you
>cut, fold, and glue at the shoulders and sides to make arms that slant
>down, experiment, because it would take some time to explain. I'll try, if
>you ask! you hold the tube underneath the puppet to present it.
>Unfortunately nothing moves (but the head, side to side), but it looks
>Time in 40 min. classes: design, homework or end of one class; armature,
>one class; papeir mache, one class; Making body anywhere from 25-40 min.,
>some kids get really confused by this; Painting and decorating the head and
>body, at least 2 classes.
>Hope this helps!
>>Help, I need a lesson on puppets. It is wide open, can use any material,
>>it needs to be on puppets. I also am looking to adapt the lesson for
>>use for special needs kids. But that is a later project. Thanks to all
>>can help.
>>Faith in PA