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Re: Size

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R. Moore (ronmoore)
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 14:33:39 -0800 (PST)

I enjoyed Marcia's discussion of the size issue. Size seems to make a
greater difference in some art genress rather than others. The size of a
building, or a building complex, is integral to its function. Imagine if
Trajan's Forum were built to be a quarter as large as it actually was (due
to shortfall in the booty budget after the Dacian campaign). Now, that
would really change the work. Much more so than turning a photo into a 4x
blow up or a 1/4 miniature. Quilts are interesting hybrid cases because
they do or did have a serious domestic function, a function that is
seriously compromised if they cover only a quarter as many cold feet, etc.
as they might have. But quilts made never to be used, just to hang on
walls or be displayed on the ground are a different matter.
There are artworks done with such exquisitely skilled
miniaturization that they must be viewed through a magnifying glass. In
these instances, size is very much part of the appeal. What would we
think of the Washington Monument if it were one quarter its present scale?
All of this is really very interesting, and I agree with Marcia
that it ought to be possible to get kids going on the topic in lots of
fascinating directions.