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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 17:07:10 -0500 advice to you is unless you want to run around a building like a
chicken with your head cut off, deal with classroom teachers toatl lack of
respect for your subject matter..directly to yout face as they continue to
talk while you are giving directions and various other troublesome
issues..which I am sure you ahve read recently..STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!! I am
thinking of looking for a job elsewhere and actually I don't care how far I
have to drive! We'll move! I did the driving thing last year..about 50
minutes each way. We moved closer to work, now I drive about 20 minutes with
a stop for coffee..BUT if last year had been like this year has been I
would've not gone back. I had a room last year. Will you always have a room
at your school? is there any danger of it being taken away? is enrollment
growning by leaps and bounds? Is your staff a bunch of boneheads? How is
your principal, etc. These are all things to consider. I know I am dealing
with the issue of if I leave is there a chance I may get into a worse
situation..but you know, the thing is..I know I am unhappy now and these
poeple can only get worse!..any change is worth taking to see if there can
be that harmony I hear about from other teachers. So weigh your odds against
your evens as they say. If you can..get a more comfortable car and ride in
style..(you know us teachers are really wealthy...we just do it for the joy!
ahahahaha) To the missing supply thread..My answer has been since
TUESDAY....LOCK IT UP BABY!!!! It's a royal pain to not forget the key each
time I leave, but its sending a message. If I am not there thy can't find me
nost they need to go and complain to the queen bee secretary. She
won't let them in ANYWHERE. I thikn next week they'll probably be a riot.
She walks them down tto the other supply closet and waits for them. CAN YOU
BELIEVE IT!!!! Funniest thing...she got this HUGE high back chair
today..just like the queen she thinks she is!!Stephanie

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