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Re: Art on a Cart Forum

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Sandra Poos (klpoos)
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 21:23:30 -0600

I like your idea of "Art on a Cart Forum". I don't think there are too
many Elementary Art Teachers with a room. We all have the same problems
in common and this Forum would probably help alot.
Your first issue- How to deal with other teachers taking supplies or
asking for supplies while you are teaching another class.
I have the same problem. Last week I was searching for my large paint
brushes as I needed them for my first class. I could not find them, only
for about three brushes, and I had 24. I finally tracked them down to
the special ed. teacher that had taken them when I was at another
school. She also BORROWS scissors, paint,etc. I have alot of teachers
that do the same thing, especially when I am not in their building that
I have used a permanent black sharpie marker to put "ART" on all my
scissors, brush handles, paint, etc. This way I KNOW they belong to me.
A few times this week I found some scissors with my ART marked on them
and said, "Oh, I guess you forgot to return these to me" They will steal
you blind. I really don't know when they take my paper, if I am not
there and I sure have been missing alot of construction paper lately.
They forget to order a color and just help themselves to my paper.
A few times teachers have asked to borrow a color of paint, paper,etc.
If I like the teacher and she and I get along, I will give her my oldest
container of paint that is almost empty or if I have extra paper I will
loan them some. I never get it back though. Many times I have told the
teachers that I am on a budget too, and when my supplies are gone, they
are gone. I also tell them I only order a certain amount of paint,
paper,etc. for MY CLASSES only, not everyone else's. I guess they think
that it is a free for all, and anyone can use it.
I told the principal a few months ago that I had found my GOOD
watercolor brushes standing in a container of water, which of course
will ruin them, and they were expensive!! She found out that it was the
Kindergarten teachers that abused the brushes, and at our building
meeting, she informed the teachers that they were to use their own
supplies, unless given permission by the art teacher as these supplies
were NOT building supplies for everyone to use. These brushes are now
coming apart at the ferrule and of course I can't order new brushes. I
will have to use those nasty brushes that come with the watercolor
This is a BIG problem I bet with ALL the art on a cart teachers.
Putting ART on my supplies, has helped a great deal, and the principal's
talk helped even more. The subs use to be very careless with my supplies
also, so I just told them NOT TO PAINT!!! I ran off some things for them
to do if I was gone.
Sandy Poos- art on a cart, in Cahokia, Illinois