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lesson ideas

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Thu, 4 Feb 1999 17:22:32 -0500

First, thank you to all who sent me info about private schooling. I really
appreciate your insight and honesty. I know that I am in the middle of a
nasty time in my life and ope with much avoidance that it will generally go
away. I just try and think of the kids and usually I'm fine.Second, I
finally talked to the PTG mother who want me to do the decorations fo rthe
funfiar. EACH class and therefore EACH CHILD needs to have something up.
Isn't that a scream!!! I told her we'd probably do mostly murals and group
work . I find it extremely funny that it falls the week after my art show.
The good news is that I will already have it labeled if it is something
that's in the show. I am looking for some FUN educational ideas that have
some substance to them. I told her a few of them and her response was"that's
why we come to're the creative one!" It just kills me. I wanted to
say to her.."no, you come to me, because I am a total sucker who can't say
no..and you know if you don't get me to do one is going to stand up
and say I'll do it, and I will look like a real BAD guy if I don't do
hang those rolling racks over my head and you know you've got me screwed to
the wall." Actually the reason why I did subject myself to because
I'm hoping the more visible I am to their organization..the more money
they'll throw my way...something for something is my motto! Anyways, the
themes are this: K: western, grade 1: dinosaurs, grade 3: GOLFING (????) and
believe it or not OUTER SPACE ( won't go away) (I do have some
aliens that the kids did however..just not from all the kids), Grade 4: the
50's and grade 6: Back to the future and Psychedelic situations. ( the other
two grades the other art teacher has..I've got to fill her in that each kid
has to have something..oh, she's going to love that!) I'd love any
ideas!!!!! I would like it to take maybe max 2-3 periods, unless it is
something really COOL!!! and you think I just HAVE to do it!! Gracias!
Stephanie PS: You guys are just really great..thanks for all your support
during this time of TROUBLE!!!

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