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Re: private vs. Public schools?

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Wed, 3 Feb 1999 21:53:17 EST

I have worked in a catholic school for 11 years now. There is good and bad to
it so think carefully before jumping. We actually make less than half of what
public school teachers make. After 11 years of teaching I make $16,000! Our
salary goes up about $200.00 a year. Some catholic schools pay slightly
better but not much, plus you have to figure cost of living in as well in your
area. Others pay less!

Catholic schools are different in alot of ways, they have a mix of old
fashioned methods with newer methods quite often, but not always. Also you are
supervised less in catholic schools than you are in public, not everyone will
agree, but I know in my area with all the folks I know from many many schools
that this is very true. Its a different mentality.

Getting supplies can be very rough, you really feel it when you have to spend
your own money to get supplies since your salary is so low.

We also get alot of kids that need special edu, but parents don't want them

But we also get more parent involvement and support overall. Kids are still
wild but not as wild as they are in public schools usually. Less violence.

If you want to pursue this, try calling the diocese where you live and having
them send you an application and send a resume, this will go to all the
schools in that area. Try subbing too! An excellent way to get hired. Almost
all our teachers were subs at one time.

At the risk of infuriating some members I want to say that catholic schools
are not populated with as many professionals as public schools. Some of those
teachers are quite old and don't have credentials but remain on a grandfather
clause, not all. Also I find
the teachers to be less up on the latest trends in education in catholic
schools. Its nice in one sense cause the school is more stable, but we also
miss out on some good things.
For what its worth, hope it was helpful.