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Mark Brandau (
Wed, 03 Feb 1999 17:14:25 -0800

At 08:09 AM 2/2/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Does anyone out there have any really good suggestions for a general or
>base scoring guide for art making projects.

I teach high school art and ceramics and I use the same scoring sheet for
all projects. I grade each project from 1-10 in four areas: Concept,
Craftsmanship, Composition/Design, & Effort. At the beginning of each
semester, I explain this to students and define the four areas for them.
Then, at the beginning of each project, I give them a grading criteria
which explains specifically what I am looking for in each of the four
areas, as well as how much each will be weighted. For example, if I wish
to emphasize the concept I am teaching, I will weight it around 40%. The
remaining 60% might get distributed as 25% in Craftsmanship, 20% in
Composition/Design, and 15% in Effort. After scoring each area from 1-10,
I multiply that by the percentage and add up all of my numbers (it will
obviously be a number equal to or less than 10). This number is divided by
10 to give them a percentage and thus a grade for a project. Translating
that percentage into points is easily done by multiplying it by the total
points available for a project.

So far this seems like a fair & objective way to grade art. Obviously, it
is very important that the students know up front what is expected of them
in each of the areas. The best part about this system is that I only need
one sheet for grading with a couple of blanks for name, project, grade, and
percentages and a bunch of check boxes for the four areas. Comments
usually end up on the back side.

Mark Brandau
Art Department
Lake Oswego High School
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