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private vs. Public schools?

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 17:51:37 -0500

Hi, I wonder if any of you out there work in a private school? I am
seriously thinking of ditching the public sector and would like to have some
info as to what you face everyday. Any help would be appreciated. Yesterday,
if you can believe it...a few people took it upon themselves to "get" the
art department in trouble. I say dept. but really its only two of us. The
other art teacher was called into the office and told there was a big issue,
but the principal was gone and she'd have to talk to her tommorrow. Talk
about frightening the poor woman. She thought she was getting shown the
door. Turns out after much conversation that one of the cranky old
battleaxes..actually the one that thinks that I am rude (it was all over
some construction paper actually) and some other accomplice complained that
there was a major flood in one of the bathrooms. That htere was paint all
over the place and that the sinks were stopped up. Now, forgive me paint
does not stop up a sink...especially if it is you see
what I am dealing with here. The rumor went on to say that the custodians
were totally PO'd and had just about had enough. The principal has about had
enough and put out a memo to that fact. (we didn't seem priveleged enough to
get a copy in our boxes..I think we'll probably be missing quite a few
things from now on given the fact that one of the biggest control freaks in
the world is in charge of our office)....the memo talks about getting along,
working together, etc...HA! Kind of hard when you have a big knife stuck in
your back. So, the other art teacher goes up to the custodian and
apologizes...he knows NOTHING about any big titanic disaster! Neither do any
of the other custodians. It really beats the hell out of me that certain
people have not only the time, but the energy and enthusiasm to play with
other peoples lives. A funny thing actually happened when the art teacher
and the custodian were talking ..the woman who I believe "reported" the
issue walked by and gave the other teacher a "look". HOW CHILDISH!!!!!!!! It
seems that every day something else goes wrong. I try to ignore the negative
vibe from the nasty people..but it just gets through. I have just about had
it!!!!!So, if anyone out there is planning on retiring out here in MA or is
leaving a job for other reasons or knows of any future openings...please let
me know. I need to get out of this "McDonalds Playland". Stephanie

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