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Prehistoric Art and Sister Wendy

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Felsecker (felsecker)
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 21:26:22 -0600

Dear ann carolan:
I've been reading the messages for several weeks now but have never
been driven to sending a message of my own.
I'm a high school art teacher, who (like most teachers), meets a wide
diversity of young people from year to year. Of course by diverse I mean
young students from different walks of life; of different faiths,
nationalities, and backgrounds. And I feel that this diversity makes our
world a much richer and interesting place to live!
When I first watched Sister Wendy, my curiosity was arroused by the
fact of her being a nun and, obviously, her physical features. Actually, she
reminds me of a dear aunt of mine, so I admit I felt immediately drawn to
her. But as I listened and watched, the "physical" part of Sister Wendy was
replaced by the realization that this human being felt as passionate as I
about the breathtaking beauty of the works of such "greats" as Michelangelo
and Leonardo (to mention only a few). That was all it took for me to keep
I feel that, as a teacher, one has to be especially open-minded
and accepting of all. You've got to get past the "physical" and look into
the depths of one's soul. I truly believe that each student that walks
through my door, no matter who he/she is and no matter what kind of
reputation precedes him/her, should be given a chance. If given just half a
chance and a little respect, most students will rise to the occasion and
work their butts off for you if they feel you believe in them. Granted,
some students have been to hell and back and come into a class with an
"attitude", but the majority end up creating some of the finest work.
So, ann carolan, I feel your statement, "Perhaps we both need to see
each other as sojourners on this walk together and speak kindly of each
other, while respecting each others right to express ourselves", not only
holds true for our group of art teachers but should also include our students.
I appreciate, agree with, and applaud your viewpoint! Hope to hear
more from you in the future!

Galesburg, IL

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