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Re: Prehistoric Art and Sister Wendy

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Ann Carolan (
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 20:49:33 -0500

Dear Terry,
Thank you for your response, I expected it really. There are so many people
to day who choose to challenge a Christian's right to express their
beliefs. I do have the right to speak freely in this country. Our
forefathers who wrote the Constitution gave me that right "one nation under
God" and gave me freedom of speech. Would you take that right away from me?
Spirituality is a very large part of my approach to life and art for it was
God who gave me the material with which to work, the inspiration to create,
and the strength to believe despite persecutions and challenges. I wonder
why you felt so affronted by it? I feel you sound a little righteous,
yourself, in your tone. Perhaps we both need to see each other as
sojourners on this walk together and speak kindly to each other, while
respecting each others right to express ourselves.

ann carolan>
PS The point of my letter was in defense of Sister Wendy and other
religious people. Their lifestyle is to be honored and revered, in my
humble opinion. I feel affronted by the swarm of graphic pornography that
assaults the senses when the media and art world can be an instrument to
uplift and inspire humanity to reach the greatest heights. I feel denied
the right to live in a moral world due to the immorality I see at every
turn. The media and arts could be a tremendous asset in helping mankind to
soar above the mundane and sordid. (Take for example, the work of
Michelangelo, Botticelli, Rembrandt etc, etc. Who has not wept in the
physical presence of such great works of art as the Sistine Chapel and the
Pieta? This may be as close as any of us will come to know the greatness of
the Lord through the hands of those who were so inspired by Him.)

Why not discuss on artsednet, the topic of spirituality and responsibility
in art and letters? After all, aren't we exploring that topic every day
over the issue of morality in government, ala Clinton, in the news media,
ad finitum? Why the double standard? It's ok to parade this adulterous,
embarrassing issue over and over our airwaves, tv sets and www's, but it's
not ok for me to mention the Creator in an email? If I bore you, I
apologize for that, but God inspires me, uplifts me and fills me to the
brim to the point where I cannot contain it and have to share it. If you
can't handle it, that's what the delete button is for. But for those that
care, thank you, for allowing me to share my joy, my sorrow, and my pain.
The lecture is not for you, it is for the world we must live in, the world
we wish we lived in, and the world to come.
ann carolan