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Mural lesson: Action Packed Sea Mural - LONG POST

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 17:22:37 -0500

Hi. I had a few requests for my mural lesson so here it is....please forgive
the spelling if I goof.
Action Packed Sea Mural..grade 2
objectives:To foster cooperation within the small group, To experiment with
body positioning and movement, to remember that the body functions as a
whole, To introduce life-size portraiture, To encourage exploration of mixed
media and collage, To introduce the concept of mural design.
Visuals and resources: Yoga Made Easy..or any other yoga book if you need it
to refer to. Pictures of beach scenes, sea life, etc., "Sounds of the Sea"
tape recording of beach sounds (or any other beach wave sounds)Towels,
shades, hat (if you want).
Motivation: "We're going on a trip..pack your bags and make sure you bring
your bathing suit" After a brief visualization of the airport, carrying
luggage, etc. the students will be told that the plane has landed. Play the
tape of the sea music. " I need to stretch my back after that long palne about you?" ( Pick a few activities that relate to psoes of action
on the volleyball jumping, swimming, etc. "Tak a deep breath and
follow my lead" Do a few basic stretching exercises. " Imagine we are in
front of the beach right now..we can see the waves, smell the hotdogs, the
water is warm, the sun is bright, etc. How does it make you feel?"
Transition: " What types of things can you do here?" Discuss activities. "
If you froze your body as you were doing it..what would it look like?" (You
will find that the students almost duplicate the yoga positions/streching
positions you did earlier.) Discuss howe the positions relate to the
activities. Have a few studetns act out their activities.
Activity: " We;re going to start a project today about our adventures at the
beach. We'll be making what artists call a MURAL. ( Explain Mural) Our mural
will be of our bodies doing activities you would find happening at the
Break the students up into 4 or 5.
Each ggroup will have: 1 head life guard: to report all concerns to me about
issues that come up and be in charge of putting the mural in its drying
place. 2 Concession stand workers to facilitate clean-up and 2 surfers to
surf up and down to get materials.
In each group decide who will have each job, what activities you will be
doing whehter out or in of the water, what your body looks like in that
position, and what types of materials you would like to use.
Class 1: Introduction to yoga poses and general directions of project.
Picking of jobs, responsibilites of mural project, ie: clean up, etc.
Class 2: Large banner paper. Introduce body tracing as type of portraiture.
Volunteer gets traced. Continue tracing each other in poses.
Class 3: Selection of materials, paint, pastels, craypas, yarn,
etc......collage continues until body is completed. Surrounding background
is painted and collaged as well.
Assessment: Each group should have in their mural: A life size figure of
each member, each memeber should be in a different pose. Groups will be
evaluated on how well they worked together....cooperation, problem-solving,

****This lesson can be modified to suit K, first or third grade as well.
When I did this project it was such a big hit that the kids asked to stay in
from recess and continue working. They loved it. Just so you know I may be
submitting this lesson to one of the school maybe you 'll see it
with photos one day!
Good luck and have fun! Stephanie