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Re: clay sculpture-art on a cart-long post

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Stephanie Ignazio (smi)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 16:30:48 -0500

Sue, god love ya...I tried using wet set last year. I hated it! I must've
left it in the water too long. Pieces kept falling off and it was really a
disaster. I only used it with 2 K classes and said never again! I am going
to try model magic soon, It seems really "un-messy". I still don't know
where I am going to put the stuff! Today, I set out all my supplies for the
afternoon classes in my office. Yes, stupid me I left to go put up some work
and left the door open. When I came back after my K class, about say, 40
minutes all of the paint that I had organized for my mural lesson was
GONE!!!!!!!!!! I thought actually I was losing my mind and searched for
about 10 minutes until I realized someone had helped themselves!!! I
immediately went to both teachers rooms and put a note on the board asking
whomever took it to bring it back to my office. I actually had one teacher
sitting there look at me really rude and say, "geez, I don't even use the
stuff, don't look here". Pure immaturity! So I then took myself to the
principal's office and left her a note requesting a key to lock the closet
when I am not there. How do you deal with all this junk????? I am seriously
thinking career change! Stephanie
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From: Skiart <Skiart>
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Date: Sunday, January 31, 1999 5:55 PM
Subject: Re: clay sculpture-art on a cart-long post

>In a message dated 99-01-28 17:36:17 EST, smi writes:
><< How do you two deal with 3D? Let's
> chat! Stephanie >>
>Stephanie: I have 2 carts with a top and bottom shelf. I put a piece of
>masonite which hangs over the top on 1. Under it is space in the shelf
>hiding place)
>Project: Wet set clay sculpture (grade 6)
>Baby wipes cut in half purchased in bulk at Sam's Club (The stressfree
>up, well worth my $$)
>Low boxes with dividers (Sam's Club) and just low, large boxes (free)
>Gal. size baggies with names written w perm marker at Sam's (2 for each)
>Modeling tools
>Huge box of laminated pictures on bottom of cart, placed on top of cart,
>"How to Draw" pictures for ideas and observational modeling (I ripped up
>books, magazines and laminated)
>Portfolio (folded const paper) to keep their picture in
>Samples of 3D clay sculptures in a zipped insulated kind (lightweight) 6
>(my animal samples and small ceramic animals from dollar store)
>Huge posters (laminated) of several artist's sculptures
>Plastic pencil box holding 5 clay guns
>" " holding wire brushes (from a dollar store)
>The half a Baby Wipe per student must be used for hands, then desk top (I
>precut, I distrubute)
>I demo to entire class. Criteria is written on an easel size post it on the
>board. We go over the list on 1st day.
>I pick 2 paper crayons from tiny folder attached on the bb, read the name
>each one, they are chosen as assistants for the day.
>They distribute kid's labeled projects from 1 box, labeled clay lumps from
>another box. The plastic bag is too contain and ID their clay, they don't
>to put project in it or close it up.
>Modeling tools are counted, placed on 1st desk of each row and passed.
>Kids come up 2 at a time to look at picture file. They monitor themselves.
>They can bring in a model or picture for observation.
>Kids raise hands for help, I call over a small group when I demo for a
>particular animal (all turtles who want to see demo again)
>The boxes with projects are placed on the floor near wall, under an empty
>desk, on top of a filing cabinet or on top of a pile of teacher's files on
>counter by the window. I didn't ask, I just did it. Surprise!
>There is no mess. Only one you know who kid out of 60 had his clay taken
>for the day for tossing it in the air. All were warned. No need for any
>heavier consequence.
>I cure the projects in a huge rubbermaid type low bin in my territory. I
>the slime off with grease cutting Dawn soap. The early finishers will write
>reports using the various charts, repros, Scholastic mags, books on
>artists. They are on the teacher's desk, 1 at a time comes up to select.
>When all are finished, we paint with acrylics, paint markers or whatever.
>late finishers must do the report at home.
>I begin curing before school, remove and wash project after school.
>Only problem: I cured, forgot I had a meeting after school at another
>had to choose between taking care of clay or meeting. You can't leave clay
>water more than 10 hours. Guess which won out.