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Ann Carolan (
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 14:34:40 -0400

Last week 15 kids were pulled from my classes for everything from Math
help to tryouts for a play. One teacher I thought was my friend, pulled
8 kids for tryouts as I was beginning class and said he was forming a
7th grade drama class on the spot with the principals permission.
Another class was cancelled all week to learn Bloom's Taxonomy. I went
to the principal and his reply was: Next year, art will be completely an
elective class. What does that mean? Does that mean that any teacher who
has a good idea for an elective will replace a standard art class?
That's what it looks like. We have hunting, movies and all kinds of
strange things as other electives. This is just too bizarre for me.

I need your help. What do other Middle Schools do for art? Is it, should
it be a "regular" class or not??? I've worked hard this year,
establishing criteria, grading every project, establishing rules and
standards to the point where I rarely have ANY problems with discipline,
despite being on a cart. But I feel the fact that I am taking it
seriously and rarely allow students to leave helped considerably. Now,
I'm being given no choice and already I feel the vibrations in my first
hour class as well as the fact that I am steaming. Shouldn't all these
pull outs and changes be approved by school boards?

ann carolan

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