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Ann Weaver (
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 11:28:13 +0100

1. Do any of you have classroom teachers who keep kids from art class to
finish classroom work?

2. For those of you who have done murals with K-5 kids, how did you handle
the project? I have done murals with kids and feel that the work should be
as much their own as possible; that their renderings are appropriate for an
elementary school. The largest mural my kids(375) did used a nature theme
and each child made a sketch for his/her part which was incorporated into
the total design. My older students painted the background and each child
painted his/her contribution using the sketches they had prepared. They
drew with chalk so they could correct themselves easily before they
applied paint. I have had criticism from a few non-arts folks who thought
the work didn't look professional. My response was that kids weren't
professionals and their work would not look like an adult's work. I
thought it was wonderful - full of birds, butterflies, fish, frogs,
mammals, flowers, trees.....naive. Some of our schools have hired
professional artists to do their murals(spent $10,000 at one school). I
feel that it gives children ownership and pride to create their own. Other
art teachers have done the drawing and allowed students to paint inside the
lines. Some of the drawings have incorporated the work of students(thank
goodness). Some have relied on tracing work from books, magazines. There
is one school in our district who had a parent paint Disney characters all
over their media center. Never heard of copywrites, I suppose. Our
schools are site based managed and there is no county policy, although our
art network has requested one. I've rambled enough - What do you think?

Thanks, Ann

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