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Re: storytelling & art

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Kimberly Anne Herbert (kimberly)
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 22:52:36 -0600

I love your storytelling idea. Can I borrow it for our next exhibit?
Our target audience at CAM is elementary. We have come up with a way to
help the teachers justify the trip to the museum. We include the TEKS
(Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) that the current exhibit would
help fulfill. I make a table that includes grade levels, the activities,
and the TEKS. This also helps show that we are not just for K-2, but
that we are working to aid teachers k-6. If you can get a copy of the
state or district curriculum (and an interpeter is sometimes required),
you can match your activities to the curriculum and give the teachers
new ways to approach their lessons. Don't forget the history/social
studies teachers their curriculum often lends itself to art.
We've been helping our local Cultural Affairs Council to make the TEKS
available to all the arts groups with interpretation as needed. I have
to recreate some worksheets that I learned about at an Museum Education
program (I lost the templates in a crash). If you want, I can try and
send them to you this weekend.

Kimberly Herbert
CAM Adminstrator

PS. I just thought of something that came up when I was helping Cultural
Affairs with this. We don't put the Text of the TEKS on the flyer just
the numbers #####ArtGrade 4III(a)(1)(A)for example. But we do use key
words and phrases from them in our discription if we can without it
sounding like gobably gook.

> Hi, Julia Courtney from Springfield Museums. Thanks for all your
> wonderful ideas. Another question for you all to ponder. I am working
> on a Storytelling Tour for one of our two art musuems. I plan to have
> the tour stop at different paintings and artifacts through out the
> museum, using them to tell or create stories and using storytelling
> as away to interpret works of art. Beginning wth warm-up activities
> to introduce storytelling and prove that everyone is a storyteller
> (pass the face, tell a 1 minute story about..., etc.), and leading up
> to creating an original small group story and then a body sculpture
> depicting the story. Topics or subject matter will be suggested to
> spark ideas (example: worst day of school, something disturbing in
> the society, best birthday, current events, ). The other groups will
> interpret the sculpture and then students can reveal the story that
> they intended. I plan to have the students "find" the stories in
> paintings on their own, by using a clip board and list of questions
> such as: Who is the main character of this painting? What happened
> before this scene? How does color, line, shape, composition, reveal
> elements of the story? How is the mood depicted? What is the mood?
> etc..I would also like to spend time in our studios letting students
> paint their story in mural form. We try to create tours that fill the
> needs of teachers in a variety of disciplines, as we are aware that
> teachers usually have to justify their field trips. Would art
> teachers be interested in this? I think Language Arts and English
> teachers will be. Any suggestions? I am hoping to hit the middle
> school crowd, as we don't have a lot of offerings for that age group.
> Thanks in advance.