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Re: noise in class

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Wed, 25 Feb 1998 22:37:20 EST

I can relate to the noise level in the primary grades. I tolerate a lot, and
don't expect complete silence as they create, but I do expect complete silence
when I talk. If they can't give it to me it become a "respect issue" not a
"creating art issue". I never hand out the good stuff until I am done talking
(i.e.: I'll pass out paper, brushes, paper towels, water.... but NOT the
paint). If they can't listen respectfully thay can't paint. I had one group
of 2nd graders sit with their heads down and lights off for 15 minutes once,
and they didn't get to paint (the other class of 2nd graders did). You can
bet I let both classes know exactly who got to do what and why. That class
did much better the rest of the year. After that the threat was more than
enough to get their attention. I also practice in classes that have a bad
noise problem - turning the lights off and having them shut up. "LIGHTS OFF,
MOUTHS CLOSED". It seems like a waste of time when you see them once a week
for 45 minutes, but my throat and sanity are worth it! (Their art work is
much better after they have actually heard the directions and helpful hints
and ideas I attempt to share, I think they actually learn something!)

:) Laura Allan

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<< Dear Bunki, I'm a first year teacher, elementary level and have very noisy
students. They also produce exceptionally great art! Maybe there is a
connection. I'm just afraid that I'll have to wear a hearing aid soon, the
noise is bad enough to break my ear drums. Fortunately my administrators
are supportive. Bad words and fights would not be tolerated, fortunately
again, I haven't had that type of problem. I'm at the point where I tell
them I need at least 5 min to explain the project. We compromise, I get 4
& 1/2 min. (I've learned to talk fast). I've tried the light switch trick,
it doesn't work. I've tried the peace sign hand signal, it doesn't work.
I carry a sign in my apron saying listen quietly please. When I'm
desperate I hold it up 5 inches from the face of the loudest interruptor
when I'm explaining the lesson. The novelty of this approach is I think
the reason why the students stop talking for a few moments at least. On the
otherhand maybe there is something here for the psychologists to theorize
about. Anyway, we're making art, having fun and learning skills.
sincerely, Diane >>