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Re: Re: Looking for encouragement

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Mark Alexander (mamjam)
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 20:27:22 -0500


I took an around-about route to teaching. I did my student teaching only
three years ago. I had two wonderful supervising teachers who offered many
great suggestions, great freedom to try what I wanted, freedom to succeed
or fail as necessary, and most importantly they were always frank, critical
and supportive. Both school systems had well funded programs, although the
high school was more arts oriented than the K-5 school system.

I had an unusual coincidence with both of my student teaching experiences.
First, my K-5 teacher was absent for more than a week right after I started
in September. Then, my High School teacher was absent the second week I was
there and again for two weeks near then end of my assignment. Each of my
supervising teachers suffered family losses which required them to miss
more than a week! Just having the classes dropped in my lap really proved
to me I could teach. Sometimes I used the supervising teacher's lessons and
sometimes I used my own, but I was learning I could teach by the seat of my
pants, and the students still had fun and learned pretty much what I wanted
them to! I also learned how to keep an aid busy because as an undergrad
student, the state required the school to hire a sub; I had to keep the sub
busy making copies, sorting and balling yarn, cutting paper to size, etc.
How rewarding it was to actually be able to say "This is real and I'm
pretty good at this!"

Now, Judy, I pray you and your family are healthy and stay that way, but
maybe the best thing you could do as a supervising teacher would be to use
up a few of the sick days you have left. Probably best if you waited till
after they got their feet wet a bit, I suppose!


Mark Alexander, 1-8 Art
Lee H. Kellogg School
47 Main Street
Falls Village, Connecticut 06031

"The object of education is to
prepare the young to
educate themselves
throughout their lives."
Robert Hutch

At 7:07 PM 2/25/98, Stenger - Judith DiSalvo wrote:
>Hi Adryan, Jennifer, and all of you who are getting ready to student
> Wow! You bring back memories. I student taught in 1964 at Horace
>Mann Elementary and then at Punxutawney High School. Yep, I'm an IUP
>alum. I was also terrified at the thought of going out to the real world.
>I was luck enough to have wonderful supervising teachers on the elementary
>level. The one in secondary was another story, but you know what they
>say-"-What doesn't kill you makes you strong."
> It didn't kill me--even though I sometimes wanted to cry. I hope all
>of you get encouraging, supportive teachers and have wonderful
>experiences. But if you don't--you just make up your mind to succeed in
>spite of them. BTW, I've agreed to take my first student teacher this
>month, and I'm thinking about how to be the kind of cooperating teacher
>who will give her a good start. I'd love ideas from all.
>On Tue, 24 Feb 1998 zfgf wrote:
>> jennifer... i know how you feel...I am a student teaching
>> next semester and scared to death but i just keep in mind
>> the importance of what i am doing. I wish all the luck to
>> you!!
>> -Adryan
>> Indiana University of Pennsylvania