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RE: kids and homework

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Fields, Linda (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 09:45:34 -0500

You are so right! I actually had a student tell me I couldn't
"give" him a B because he was "AG"! The whole lack of responsiblility
thing is a pervasive and universal problem, I think. Society may be
reaping what we sowed with the me first-if it feels good, do it
generation. I have seen lots of changes in 25 years!
Am concerned about our colleagues in Florida who were hit by
awful weather-any news?? Linda
> From: Ron Pachter[SMTP:rpachter]
> Sent: Sunday, February 22, 1998 8:45 PM
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> Subject: kids and homework
> Here in Florida, we are being blamed for everything wrong with the
> schools,
> we being the teachers, administration, lack of homework, etc---BUT NO
> ever mentions parental responsibility. Parents actually think that if
> we
> fail a kid who doesn't do homework, then the teachers are wrong.
> Personally, my Mom would have KILLED me for any such nonsense
> behavior.
> I see honors kids who study very little and do bare minimum. My
> school is a
> gifted-magnet school and the gifted kids are the worst for deadlines.
> They
> say, "I don't need to do that, I'm gifted." Such logic, huh.
> It is apparently a problem in the US, not just in a particular state.
> Until parents make the kids accountable and we stop socially promoting
> and
> lawmakers with NO CLUE realize it isn't our fault Johnny can't spell,
> do
> math, or whatever, it won't get better.
> There now, I'm slippp ppp pp in g off my soapy box. Thanks for
> listening.
> Marlyn Foell