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Re: Classroom Behavior

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Sun, 22 Feb 1998 12:28:29 EST

In a message dated 98-02-21 23:58:02 EST, Lee writes:

> I was in a middle school that thought art was a free for
> all. The supplies were strewn all over the room, taken home, abused. Art
> class meant hangin out with the teacher talking about life. I was
> why my college art ed dept wasn't aware of this is beyond me.

Sure doesn't sound like much fun!

<<Anyway, I decided to follow something along the lines of the advice you are
giving. My life was hell for those few months. I was fighting all the way.
I didn't make a dent. I was resented by the kids, not supported by the
teacher (who didn't care one way or the other.) When I left things went right
back to "normal". >>

That's a hard call, for sure. Part of me agrees with you, to simply go with
the flow, but the flow sounds like true torture. Kids throwing stuff around
the room? Abusing materials? Stealing stuff? I don't think I could deal
with a class like that. Trying to change things for a mere two month period
is very difficult, no question. But I'd say your cooperating teacher is the
failure here, and to simply follow along with the classroom environment s/he
established would go against my ethics more than trying to swim against the
tide and institute my own rules.

And, in the bigger picture, those kids will leave his/her art class, and enter
the next art class thinking that destroying materials and stealing are the
status quo for art classes in general - and that's no favor for the next

Sounds like your student teaching was really rough - but as bad as it was, I'm
still glad you at least tried to institute some acceptable standards of
behavior, even if the memories still give you nightmares.

Duffy Franco