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Lesson Plan....

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Bunki Kramer (
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 09:22:28 -0700

Hi. I'll share a lesson plan also. This one is applicable for K-12...any long as you can find the dittos. It's also as old as the hills.
I did it in the 60's and re-discovered it again this year when a good
friend sent me some of these old dittos.

Do you seasoned teachers...the old ditto ink sheets (with
tracing paper between) which were used on the old hand-cranked copy
You might find them hidden in the back of your district warehouse or stuck
under something (saved by the secretaries). You need one per child.

Using 12x18" (or 9x12") white drawing paper, student draws a huge flower,
gargoyle, pumpkin, whatever theme you want, large on the paper with pencil.
This is side 1. Put ditto ink-side up directly underneath and re-trace
pencil lines. Now you have an ink drawing on side 2. On side 2, color in
the areas of the subject chosen with crayons coloring up to but not
touching the ink lines. (Tip: use lighter colors plus white of crayons.
Stay away from darkest colors. Another tip: use tracing paper part to
protect clothes from ink when crayon coloring.)
When finished, you (or child) will take it to the sink (or tub of water)
and run it under med. flowing spigot. Ink will "run" and make a fabulous
marbled background. Lay on newspaper to dry. Iron on penciled side over
newspaper. Frame.

I like this idea of sharing lessons. Thank you for bringing it up this morning.

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd.
Danville, California 94526

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