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discipline and throwing things

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kprs (kprs)
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 20:59:47 -0800

I guess over the years discipline is a combination of your reputation,
your patience, and your sense of humor, with a healthy dose of "the
look". Having eyes in the back of your head, and knowing how to
anticipate also helps.

My begining classes are the "testers", you know 'em, they want to make
"rubber cement balls", they want to rip the metal edges of the wooden
rulers, make long extensions with markers cap to cap, bean each other
with teach long enough, you see their brains working
towards it, and whoosh, out comes the "look" and I say, "I don't want to
see you throw that, because we DON'T do that as artists in a studio" and
which point a lame "I wasn't going to throw it" comes bleating out. And
I impishly smile and say "I didn't think you would" closed, and
they don't throw it (anyway, they don't in MY room, and I think I have a
killer look in my eye, or so the kids later on tell me!).

I have made it my legacy that I do not do anything extra for "pain in
the class" kids, and the reputation works. Even the kids pegged by other
teachers as troublesome, don't act out in my art class. Maybe it's the
look, maybe they know they won't get a rise out of me (or anything else
for that matter), because I have made it known that I only work with
positive productive people (hey! this includes teachers, administration
and anyone else....I, too, don't have any extra time, so it's metered
out only to people who are trying alongside me who is also trying).

I teach like a circus performer spinning plates, each kid gets my
attention, even the wobblers, but they have a responsibility to maintain
some sort of contribution to this act. I couldn't maintain a point
system or rule system for punishment, it would only add to the mountains
of other systems I am obliged to do already...But, this is ME, and above
all you have to be true to YOURSELF and do what works for YOU.

San D