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Re: Time management

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Fran Marze (
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 19:47:49 -0500 (EST)

Can you resign form yearbook? I know what you mean as I taught newspaper
editing and advised school newspaper for 7 years and publications are huge
sources of stress. I believe, from my friend who did yearbook, that
yearbook is even more intense, but I have a disabled husband at home which
is almost like a one and one half year old so I had major stress. I no
longer do that when i was able to transfer to art (my primary
certification) I think you could cut down the extra curricular stuff until
your child is older and it might help. Also, your idea for elementary
grading sounds good. I was a PAEA conference today and we talked some
about assessment. Perhaps, everything doesn't have to be a major
grade-possibly a pass/fail or something.

I have found that most of us spend as much time as we are willing to and
maybe that is not the best thing to do. Also, I'm reading set design-do
you need to do this? I think really all the extra things I do are more
stressful than the teaching. We did scholastics, are working on
committees, etc. All that stuff. Do yourself a big favor. Believe me,
someone else will come forward for those other things. You'll probably
want to continue to showcase your student art so you must do art
fairs/exhibits as part of art teaching job, but the other things...think
about it. Maybe i shouldn't give you that kind of advice, but I've been
there and do understand. I didn't want to give up newspaper but made the
choide and have never regretted it. Not that I didn't enjoy my years doing
that. The students on staff that were underclassmen during my last year as
adviser tried to give a guilt trip that I was abandoning them, but guess
what they survived, graduated and moved on so i did what was best for me
and have a whole new area of influence. Fran

On Sat, 21 Feb 1998, Chaney wrote:

> Robert,
> I teach K-12 and see about 650 students per week. I also sponsor the school
> yearbook for K-12, do set design for 2 plays every year, have 2 art fairs
> every year (elementary-secondary) and have a 1 1/2 year old at home. I'm
> really stressed right now and am looking for a job with just one level.
> Either elementary or secondary. I've been at the same school for 7 years
> now.
> I spend every evening at school until 4:30 and then from 8:30 p.m. to
> midnight grading, etc.(evening are devoted to my son). For elementary I
> just don't grade anymore I can't possibly do it all. Grades 5-8 have index
> cards on a recipe box. We get them out in class every day and I write
> grades and comments on behavior on them, dated ofcourse! It works for me.
> Parens can see the card if they desire and I have a record for my gradebook
> for highschool.
> Don't mean to moan, but I'm burned out!
> Melissa Chaney
> Robert E. "Bo" Sheffey & Family wrote:
> > Another question for you folks. From previous posts you may remember, I
> > am teaching middle school for the first year after years of high school.
> > It has been a huge adjustment and I posed one of the question about
> > classroom management.
> > My next question is about time management. I would be interested to know
> > how much time each of you spend in your classroom after and before
> > school, how much work do you do at home, how many of your day's off,
> > etc.
> > I feel like I'm working and not getting everything done.
> > How do you prioritize whats most important to be done. Displays, art
> > shows, grades, individual student attention, etc. Any tips on how you
> > have "come to grips" with all of the demands would be greatly
> > appreciated. I'm considering changing my grading system to be more time
> > efficient. I don't have time to grade every little piece anymore.
> > Middle schoolers create hugh amounts of artwork.
> > I am having some success with classroom management from the tips you
> > sent. Maybe I'll make it in middle school.....and then again, maybe I'll
> > look for a high school position.
> > Thanks in advance,
> > TREE, Teresa Sheffey
> > Montwood Middle School
> > El Paso, TX