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Thu, 19 Feb 1998 20:00:58 EST

n a message dated 98-02-19 02:24:04 EST, you write:

<< Maybe your kids are coming from the same place I have been. From your post,
it sounds like you're really doing one heck of alot of "reminding" to get
them in. You must feel it's worthwhile to do it or you wouldn't be
stressing yourself out so much. Do you really feel it's worth all the
trouble you're going to? I know you're probably going to say "yes" to that
question...but is it worth it if they don't want to do it and you're having
trouble getting them in?
Just thought I'd open my mouth, put my foot in, and give you another
perspective. Cya......... >>

I have to agree. Some things you just have to give up control over. You seem
to be doing SOOOOO much work for the sketchbook. And really--ask yourself
why, with soo much effort on your part are the kids still not responding in a
positive way? Art is not suppose to be a pulling teeth kinda deal. NO
schooling should be like pulling teeth for the majority of the class.
(Although there are always those one or two kids...grrrrrr.)

I too had to "do" sketchbooks when I was in school. And I was a GOOD little
art student! Drew all the time and loved it. But there was something about
sketchbooks.....always did it right before it was due--always an unpleasant
chore, close to a waste of time in my own mind--something only to please the
teacher. Why I felt this way I don't remember, but the memory is vivid. My
DH on the other hand loved the sketchbook deal. But he's a real systematic,
follow-through type of guy. Always was, always will be. Maybe you can use
sketchbooks as an option for extra credit? It would probably relieve a
majority of kids and take a lot of pressure off of you! And making life
easier and the teaching more effective are two top priorities in my book.

I don't THINK I put my foot in my mouth......

But I'm sure you'll all let me know : )