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Re: deadlines vs. learning

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Fran Marze (
Wed, 18 Feb 1998 19:46:29 -0500 (EST)

This is a good topic to discuss and a problem that I wrestle with. I don't
like to let any student "slide" and not do the project unless that is the
last resort even though it affects the grade. I have tried to set a
reasonable deadline and then move on and choose a day to collect the work
for grading. I'm not good about piece meal grading. If someone does not
submit on the day I collect, I put a zero on my grade sheet and let them
finish but give a percentage penalty. I'm not sure how effective this is,
but I would prefer not to let someone not do something. However, we deal
with the same problems as other teachers. When I taught English, I would
not allow a student to submit a research paper without all the preliminary
work (bib cards, note cards, draft). Yet, the students had to do the
research paper as it was a required project for the course and so they
could submit the bib cards and get either reduced credit or no credit ( on
a sliding scale) I think we will always have these problems and I hope we
get input from a lot of sources. fRan

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Maggie White wrote:

> Well, it's time for midterm grades and I'm having the usual debate with
> myself about the students' grades. So now I'm engaging all of you. My
> dilemma is whether to allow (HS) students to turn work in weeks after the
> supposed deadline, or tell them tough luck. My posted policy is that if
> they miss the class deadline, they have one week to finish it on their
> own time. Many of them don't meet the extension. However, I hate the
> idea of letting them just slide by without producing, and missing out on
> learning some of the basic skills they need in order to continue with the
> more involved assignments.
> Our students in general, as well as their parents, are extremely
> irresponsible about deadlines. So for that, I feel I need to hold them
> to it.
> Any comments?
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