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Lesson Plans


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Wed, 18 Feb 1998 18:14:06 EST

Maggie White writes:

<<Well, it's time for midterm grades and I'm having the usual debate with
myself about the students' grades. So now I'm engaging all of you. My
dilemma is whether to allow (HS) students to turn work in weeks after the
supposed deadline, or tell them tough luck. My posted policy is that if
they miss the class deadline, they have one week to finish it on their
own time. >>

I usually allow it the first quarter, get angry at myself for letting them
pass stuff in ten days after the quarter closes, then never do it again for
the rest of the year. My homework rule is Assigned Monday, Due Friday.
Haven't got it Friday? Twenty point penalty, if you hand it in on Monday.
Ain't got it Monday? Sorry, Charlie. If you are absent Friday or Monday, it
is due when you return. I'll admit right now, most kids flunk because they
hand in no homework. It's 20% of their grade. I remind them daily the weeks
I assign homework, paint all sorts of pictures of how missing just one
assignment will affect their average, and tell them as long as they are going
to bother doing it, why not get full credit for their work and pass it in on

Duffy Franco
Norwalk High School
Norwalk, CT