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Lesson Plans're surprised about the clas. management thing?

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Bunki Kramer (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 20:15:46 -0700

In your first posting, you said: "This conversation had had the potential
to be very useful to all of us on the list. It has been sad to see it
degenerate into personal attacks and name-calling. If that's the best we
can do, we're a worry bunch."

Your second recent posting said:
">BTW -- I know Kevin Tavin, and Kevin Tavin is no idiot.
>Kevin Tavin *IS* overzealous from time to time, but he is no idiot.
>And he's a damn fine teacher into the bargain."

This is all very interesting info. The "degeneration" STARTED with Kevin
within his original posting. You mention name-calling. I will refer you
back to Kevin's original posting where he refers, among other barbs,to a
teacher's use of crackers as an elementary classroom motivator as (and I
paraphrase)..."k-9's salivating at the sound of a bell". I resented that
comment about another teacher's helpful discipline method she had used in
the past. I will fight for anyone's right to state a healthy, helpful,
friendly opinion here. What gives Kevin the right to use this listserv as a
vehicle to downgrade another's ideas in such a degusting manner? This
"manner" continued with his other postings...when someone didn't agree with
his opinions, he added other little degenerate "stingers" to others'
voices..including mine. How can he be surprised, or you, when these
snowballed into angry responses?

I've been a member of this listserv for several years now. We've had a few
Kevins and Carls who come and (fortunately) go. Many of us don't tolerate
it here OR in our classrooms. There are other listservs out there where
their "talents" might be more appreciated. Not here!

Kevin might be a "damn" fine teacher but he needs to learn "damn" fine
manners and "damn" fine commication skills....which makes me wonder if he
really "is" a "damn" fine teacher. Cya....................

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd.
Danville, California 94526

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