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management, etc

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Ruth Wilson (RWilson)
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 09:11:34 -0700

Here is a management idea I've used, works for some but of course each
situaton is unique.When a class seems like they may be difficult I
have:discovered kids learning styles through standard resarch
questionaires then grouped them together: those who are needy (lots of
"You're doing okay, it looks great) at one center that I naturally walk
by often, a group to the back corner (usually my GT bright self directed
learners, like to work by themselves), a group in the back of on task
always (love to please group, always have answers), and a group up front
close to the door of testy ( what rules can I break? love to dramatize,
hands on). My room is set up in a conference style U shape. Tables form
the U pattern so each lesson we feel like we are in a professional
working environment where we can share ideas as businesses would have
meetings. When I work with each group I respect their style of learning,
my testy kids are reminded that at the end of the art unit they can
share what we've learned and I get them to hands on activities faster (
as long as behavior is in place).When you do team projects take 1 kid
from each group to form teams ( you get a team with a kid that loves to
write, one loves to present what they've done, a good listener, a
researcher) Friend wise it seems birds of a feather hang together! This
is elementary age preventative issues. Idea for an art room: get a
macintosh, scanner, color printer, digital camera, Zip drive, hook up to
a TV and VCR to project the computer screen on to teach with. little
guys need a workbench table for woodworking, and fish tanks Ruth