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Re: Stools or Chairs?

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Bunki Kramer (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 21:38:32 -0700

> I forgot to ask:
> Which do you prefer: stools or chairs? Why?
> Which is better: Chalk or marker boards? Why?
Hi, Eric...........

A few years ago I would have said stools...for sure...but now I would
suggest you seriously might consider plastic molded chairs that stack. When
the stools got older, they tended to crack or lose screws and would
catch/rip clothing and would occasionally pinch kids' bottoms or legs.
However, stools upside down are good for really big sculpture holders when
you're working with large pieces like monster making. Beyond that...I like
for faculty meetings to be held in my classroom at least 2x/yr. and the
staff would complain about their backs hurting with the stools. I finally
got chairs and have been so happy with them. ( I do like the idea of
painting the stool tops, though). Keep in mind too that if you ever start
teaching adults/teachers in your room (which I do), chairs are more
comfortable for them and they will be very vocal about that.

I also have a large blackboard on the wall and a large portable whiteboard
in the artroom. I personally like the blackboard better...I think the
contrast makes it easier to see...for me anyway. However, I generally use
neither as I also like to use the overhead. I would suggest here also to
purchase a big, oversize screen that fits near/ hangs down from the
ceiling. It makes demos so much easier and EVERYONE can see.

Lots of trash cans...plastic kind with rollers.

A supply table with wheels.

Two legal filing cabinets to keep ideas, dittos, samples.

A tall desk and chair (drafting kind) to see everyone at a glance.

Hooks to hang students on....gotcha.

Portable drying rack on wheels.

My cement floors are so hard on one's feet. Wish we had linoleum floors.

Just a few thoughts......Cya............

Bunki Kramer
Los Cerros Middle School
968 Blemer Rd.
Danville, California 94526