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Robert E. \ (sheffey)
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 13:54:45 -0700

I am enjoying all the responses concerning classroom management. I am
the one who posted the thought about "bookwork". All I can say is that
there has been such a marked improvement in my classes that I can begin
to enjoy them again. Also, this improvement in behavior allows me the
time to go to those "repeat offenders" and ask them what is going on and
talk personally. If chaos reigns because of a few, no one benefits.
I really like the letter writing idea and may incorporate that also.
Beth, I think, spoke of each child feeling individual worth by the
teacher. I can tell you I believe in this but it will not cure many
behavioural problems in the middle school. I worked before at the high
school level and was able to be very effective with kids that the other
teachers couldn't handle. In fact, they ended up in art, sometimes twice
a day...back later to be an aid. My approach with them was to talk to
them, win their respect, treat them as a worthwhile person, and direct
them in something I knew they could succeed in. Then....their love for
art and respect for me would take care of the problem.
After 8 months of teaching middle school, I can tell you this does not
work by itself. The students don't seem to be mature enough to control
their impulses, no matter how much they like you. And if they decide
that you are "too cool", they let their guard down all together.
Some of the difference we are all talking about could be that what works
for one age does not work for another. I will never start off another
year in the middle school without rules strickly in place. I believe it
is what they want and need to control themselves. Writing from the book
still keeps them involved in "the art process" but just in a more
controlled manner.
By the way, (my opinion) all kids are not born blank slates. I have 4
children of my own and what works for one does not work for the other.
Respect and self esteem and really "fun assignments" might work for
most, but one or two will "CHOOSE" to reject them.