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Re: classroom management or misunderstanding forms of resis

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Wed, 11 Feb 1998 20:21:39 EST

I would love to know where my students are coming from, and am so grateful
when classroom teachers clue me in on student issues, and when one confides in
me with a personal incident. I truly care about my students, and there are
many I wish I could take home with me . All that said, I have 900 students
and a family of my own. I have betwen 30-40 kids in a class once a week for
45 minutes (30 classes a week), plus I'm in three schools. It just isn't
possible to solve everyone's problems. I also believe that if I have a well
planned lesson, I won't have many discipline problems, and that works for
most. But there are still those disturbed kids that aren't mine to reach. It
isn't that I don't care, it is just that I am human. I wrote earlier about
having disruptive students copy art info, I have actually only done it with
two kids (out of 900) and haven't had to do it again. It is actually a threat
I use ("do you want to DO art or WRITE about art?") and almost never have to
follow through with it. I teach K-5 in a tough suburb of Chicago. These kids
need so much more than I can ever give them. I had a group last year that all
went "oooooh" as I hung up a project using manilla paper and markers. They
make me smile. So if once in a while a kid copys a paragraph about the Mona
Lisa while the rest can enjoy art, I can live with that.

:) Laura