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Re: art teacher liability

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Tue, 10 Feb 1998 22:49:37 -0700

This may vary from state to state. In our district--Colton JUSD in Ca--we
shop teachers (Ceramics is in the shop wing and is treated like something
art & shop class) are to teach a unit on safety and administer a safety
test. The student must pass 100%, but is given several attempts. For
special needs students, someone can read the test and record answers, but
the students must come up with the answer--demonstrate knowledge of safe
use of materials, equiptment, importance of clean-up, etc. The student must
also sign and date that he/she understands safety procedures and will
follow them. In this district, we keep the tests for 5 years.

(what I have at the end of the test) I understand procedures to remain
safe. Failure to observe all safety rules can result in injury to self
and/or others and removal from this class with no credit.

sign ____________________________________

date ____________________________________

Some years ago at CHS, a student cut his finger off in a shop class. But he
had taken, passed and signed the safety test. The teacher taught safety
procedures, the student demonstrated he knew how to operate the machinery
safely, but he did not do so.

This is only my second year. I was given no guidelines as what to include
in the safety lessons. Fortunately, I'm finding more information on safety
in the ceramics room and adding it to the safety unit and test. Good place
to look for info:

The important thing is to ask questions on every aspect in your room: safe
handling of materials, reading labels, safe use of any equiptment,
behavior, clean-up, etc.

Hope this helps,

>I am looking for laws or any type of information which deals with art
>teacher liability. I am also looking for information which dales with
>using any type of hazzardous or potentially unsafe materials in the
>artroom. Does anyone know of any court cases or rulings which establish
>some type of precedent in regards to students getting injured in art
>classes? It seem like every day I send at least two students to the nurse
>with some type of injury or accident that occurred in my room. Is it
>possible that I will be liable for the daily problems and mishaps that
>happen in my room?
>Eliza Vagni
>7- 12 Mountain View School District, PA