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tie dye

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jeryl Hollingsworth (holl5)
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 23:31:32 -0500

I have been doing tie dye t shirts with 2nd-4th gr for the last 8 years
(last year after pressure from the teachers I added first grade with
parent helpers) We do the project in conjunction with our spring P.E.Day
(where the classes compete in races,etc..) Each class votes for a color
and after we finish with the shirts they wear them as "team shirts" on
P.E. day. I just use rit dye- we get it donated by a parent who is the
manager of a local grocery store. It takes about 4 -5 boxes for a class
of appox. 20. I used to request .50 from kid to help with that expense.
I send a note home several weeks before to request a white cotton shirt
and the money . By now it is such an established, looked forward to
event that parents and kids expect it. I suggest buying the shirts in
packages at Wal-mart etc. Many parents send extras. Usually there are
only a couple of kids in each class who don't have a shirt-(they help
others) Anyway, I spend one class period with the history of tie dye,
countries etc. and techniques for folding , twisting and rubber banding.
The students band their shirts during this class. I bought rubber bands
in bulk at an office supply store and re-use those that don't get
broken. fat rubber bands work best. (Watch for some mysteriously
leaving in pockets of boys) Rit dye usually has a pamphlet on dyeing
ideas at their display where the dye is sold. They update these yearly
and I keep a file of them. Be sure the tag of the shirt is hanging out
and names are written in permanent markers. I throw all the shirts from
a class in a paper grocery bag with the class name on the side to keep
200+ shirts straight. Emphasize that bands need to be wrapped
tight.(This is where younger children have trouble). At the next class
time we dye! We work outside. I mix two sets of dye for each class in
separate plastic trash cans. I usually mix the dye in a quart size
container with boiling water and then just use hot tap water to fill up
the rest in the trash can (parent helpers!) I use two cans because the
boys put their shirts in one and the girls in the other , just to
prevent crowding. They take turns stirring the shirts with a broom
handle while the other kids sit around on the concrete patio and we
review what we've learned about tie dye, steps etc. We usually leave
them in the dye about 15-20 min. I have two kiddie pools filled with
water for rinsing-I have a garden hose available- it gets messy dumping
all the dirty water and rinsing-you have to have a good outdoor
location. I also dig the shirts out of the dye and toss them in the
kiddie pool for the first rinse-if you let the kids do it their hands
will temporarily be dyed and chances of splashing concentrated dye on
their clothes is greater-so I wear really old clothes and sacrifice my
hands. They (my hands) always look really interesting for about a week
every May. I string clothesline to hang their shirts after they wring
them and de-band them. One year it was rainy and moms took them home and
dried them in their dryers!! Sorry this is so long and maybe not real
clear- e-mail me if you have questions and I'll just post to you!
Good luck!! Jeryl Anderson, S.C.

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